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Posted: March 15, 2011 in Food
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It always feels good to make a dinner plan for the week, go grocery shopping, come home with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and make that first homemade healthy dinner. There’s such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! Tonight was one of those nights :0)

The new job started today… it went well and by the end of it, I had a computer and phone set-up and working! Now onto the tough stuff- learning what I’m supposed to do and trying to answer questions. I can’t wait- I feel like a just graduated from undergrad student who just started at my first big career job… unfortunately, I’m a few years older (you know, 5 years older…). I’ve had that “new job feeling” three times… and each time it feels just as good! My coworkers from when I worked over there before set-up a little lunch get together and they all brought in pie for pie day. So, we had pizza, key lime pie, fruit tarts, mini whoopie pies…and salad (my original lunch plan haha). It was a good day.

After work we went for a jog/walk to try to loosen up the muscles because it’s been a while. We also went to Men’s Warehouse so Andrew could get measured for his suit for Austin and Mariah’s Wedding- so exciting! We picked up the pup from doggie daycare and we even got the week for free because we posted reviews of Your Dogs Best Friends online! Not too shabby. We stopped by PetSmart to get some more pup food, some treats for the pup and of course, crickets for Roxy!

For dinner we made veggie grinders and Brazilian Black Bean Soup. It was a delicious combo!! I’ll try to post the recipe tomorrow- it’s already after 10PM and I’m sleeeeeeeepy. What a fantastic day!

Blurry but delicious- Roasted Veggie Grinder and Brazilian Black Bean Soup


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