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Well, it’s been over a week since the 5K. It was so much fun! The weather was terrible- it rained and was cold, but really it was an enjoyable running climate– not too hot! We were dressed to the nines in our Christmas Tree costumes— they were fashioned out of green table clothes, snowflake ornaments, strings of multi-colored twinkling battery operated lights, and gigantic gold bows on our heads. Picture to right…  I was lucky enough to get a group of friends to also compete in the 5K… it was the first race (all running) post-ankle surgery and what not.

In addition, Mariah, Andrew’s soon to be Sister-in-law has rheumatoid arthritits so it this 5K was especially important. Mariah and Austin and a bunch of their friends walked in the Denver 5K on the same day. Her sister and some of her friend walked in the 5k in Seattle… so, covering three different cities and raising more than $4000 for Arthritis, we were out in full force!

There were a lot of people dressed up but I think we had the most original costumes… we were runners up for the costume award— they gave it to a little girl, but as we were walking away, the guy who was MC-ing said “you know we had to give to the kid, right?” so we were really happy and excited… actually, we didn’t even know that we would be called up and have to stand in front of everyone.

After the race we went out to a fabulous brunch in Baltimore, before heading back home. Completely the race definitely jazzed me up for more running in the future. I plan on running a race a month in 2011 and I’ve already checked out a few that I like; Feb (Love the Run You’re With) and the 1/2 marathon in Ocean City, MD. I think Andrew’s still really excited about it too, so that’s awesome!

We took a nice long break from exercising to catch up and what not and then went out for a power-walk last night- it’s getting tougher with the holidays coming up and our trip to the Dominican Republic, but we’re going to try to go on with training through it! We’ll be taking running stuff to the DR with us, although we’ll probably get enough exercise hiking and exploring as it is! I can’t believe next week at this time I will finishing up work and packing my bags! Bring on the Dominican Republic!!!!!


Coming back from ankle surgery sucks. That’s all there is to it. To know that about a year ago I was running 10 miles with no problem is completely frustrating… but that’s life, right? My surgeon joked with me and told me that by the time I got the screws, new ligaments and patched tendon in there, I would be winning races. Such a good guy.

Last night we ran about 1.5 miles and by ran, I mean jogged. It hurt. My muscles are so stiff and weak from not using them for so long. I still can’t wear any type of wedge or heal for longer than about an hour. I still have to take my arthritis meds every night and sometimes it hurts so bad that I still can’t sleep despite the powerful “sleepiness” embedded in my anti-inflammatory pills. Sometimes, I want to quit.

Always when I think I’m going to quit and I’m ready to throw in the towel, I take a deep breathe and a step back and say to myself, no. I have come so far. Who would have thought that three years ago I could go from not running AT ALL to running a half marathon in a matter of 4 months? Not me. ever. But you know what? I did it! I ran it and I got a great time and I never felt better.

So today, despite being frustrated with my body and the backwards steps it seems to have sprinted over the past year through surgery and recovery, I know I can do it. I will prove to myself that anything is possible with a little determination. So..

I signed up for a 5K on December 12th. I will run all of it and I will run it with jingle bells tied to my shoes and my best holiday costume and I will do it to raise money for Arthritis. No matter how hard it gets, I know that so many people have it worse, including my boyfriend’s soon to be sister-in-law. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in her mid-20s. She is an inspiration to me, I love her and I’m going to do this for me, for her and for everyone else who ever wanted to finish a race.

This is me before my Marathon in November 2008