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New Activities. I like to try new things. I’m always up to test something new out. Recently, one of my old coworkers and friends, Erin joined the federal employee gym. This made me happy because before that I was kind of “eh” about going to a gym class… but it’s nice having someone to go with. In the past week, I’ve attended two gym classes. We also try to run two days a week… I couple that with my outside running and what not and I’m pretty happy with the exercise I’m getting. When we move to Del Ray, Andrew and I are going to check out some local gyms; one of which is LA Fitness. I don’t care too much for big gyms and crowds, but I do like the fact that LA Fitness is less than a mile away from the apartment and has a pool. I really want to start swimming again and train towards a spring triathlon for next year. I know, two gyms!?! That’s crazy and expensive! Well, really the LA Fitness gym is the expensive one. I consider the federal employee gym to be part of work benefits. The dues are automatically sucked from my account before I even see my money. On top of that, I only pay $12 a month. So, you figure, two group classes a week for $12, pretty good deal! I also plan on going to do my own weight training once I get a handle on moving and the new job. I love it- I feel so good after working out!

Strength-n-Motion. This strength training class challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls. This class is also known as weight training set to music. What this really means: You perform said squats, lifts, curls, and lunges with a barbell that has at least 20lbs on it. You work nonstop and when your arms hurt like never before, you put the barbell down and proceed to do push ups. Then you go back to barbell exercises and then back to push ups. Oh and you inter-mix some wall sits with that as well as crunches…and finally, crunches while you hold a barbell over your head. ouch. soreness will ensue. You will sweat a lot. But you will feel fantastic!

Power Sculpt. Sculpt your whole body using light weights, barbells, balls and bands, to work all the major muscles through resistance training. What this really means: We used about 3 different size dumb bells of light weights (1lb, 2lb, 3lb). You basically switch in and out depending on how much you can handle. This was a sort of yoga-pilates-resistance training work out. There were times when you could feel yourself working muscles you didn’t even know existed, there were times when you just wanted to stop and there were times when you felt like oh I can do this, it’s just stretching. Any way you look at it, it was a good workout and definitely of good use for toning.

So, those are my details on the two new classes. Tomorrow we’re on for a run in the morning before work, although I really want to go to this Zumba class that is offered at 12:30. I just added it to my calendar– not sure if I’ll feel up to doing a run and the class, but I’d really like to try it out. It’s all the rage, you know!

I finally caved and signed up for the Race for the Cure 5K on June 4th… that’s the Saturday after we get back from California. I figured, by signing up and paying the registration fee ($45?!?!), it would help motivate me to get up early in Groveland and run in the mornings! I also found an 8K on Father’s Day that I may sign up for (only $20)… amazing how much of my money goes to running… if I run the 8K, then I Just need to find a 10K, 15K, and half marathon to complete this year and I’ll have hit my goals for this year. I’d like to get up to the half marathon comfortably and stick around that length of race… if I could keep doing some long runs of 8-10 miles once I complete the half as my norm, that’d be fantastic. I could amp up the biking and swimming and the triathlon would be attainable in no time! Easier to think about then implement, but we’ll see how it goes!

¬† There it is! The first 5K Since December of 2010… and the 2nd race post-ankle surgery. Words cannot begin to explain how amazing it feels to FINALLY feel great running again. My ankle has been a little swollen here and there but other than that no problems with my left foot. On the other hand, there have been several evenings where I’ve slept with 4 or 5 ice packs to try to relax my knees, my tail bone, and my back. But regardless of the pills and the pain, I DON’T CARE! To be in a race and be able to run hills for 3.1 miles at an 11:20/min pace is indescribable. I forgot (albeit, momentarily) how great it feels to run.

Andrew so graciously got up early on Sunday (after being up early on Saturday too!) and drove me to the race location (in DC). He brought along Franklin and they weren’t allowed in the cemetery but he got up early and drove me there anyway! I checked in and hung around with the boys until it drew close to start time. We parted ways and I thought, ugh, how am I going to do this. I walked through the gates and into a mess of people- none of whom I knew. I started thinking why am I doing this? Maybe this isn’t for me anymore… maybe I need to find something else, some other line of fitness. That’s when it happened. The man on the speaker started talking about the history of the cemetery and the race. I stretched and looked up at the absolutely gorgeous weather (sunny and 60s). I looked around and heard people laughing and smiling and stretching and I felt the bodies press up against me as everyone crowded the start line. Right there. That instant. Knowing that about 1,000 people had traveled by foot, bike, car, and metro to a cemetery in Southeast DC at 8:00AM on a Sunday morning… JUST TO RUN a 3.1 mile route with a bunch of complete strangers. That right there is why I run. That is why I have struggled through ankle surgery and weight gain and now trying to make it through weight loss. Because of the feeling I get surrounded by countless people I’ve never met and may never see again… just to go for a run. We are a special breed, we runners. We’d put up with anything- sleet, rain, snow (I’ve been there), sun, clouds, crowds, over-flowing portapotties, rotten bananas, cold pretzels, water, gatorade, gels…not to mention aches, pains, sprains, fractures, sweat, tears, and screams just for the thrill of crossing a finish line.

One of the greatest things about running is that even though there is competition going on, everyone’s on the same team. After you cross the finish line, you shake hands, give hugs, talk about what you did differently that cut a second or two off your time… and the greatest part? After the race, the people who were faster than you, they stick around, they walk down the path you’re still struggling to make your way up and they cheer for you. They clap, the yell, they motivate– even if they beat your pace by 6 minutes/mile, they are your equal. They get it and they get that you get it. And for the amount of time it takes to complete the race, everything in the world is right. There is nothing that could bring you down. Not one thing.

And that my friends, is the runner’s high.

Well, needless to say, I’ve been slacking at blogging lately. My last post was what? 2 weeks ago? About a raw diet that I never actually tried? I went to the store and bought the ingredients (veggies, fruits, etc) and then after talking with Andrew, decided it wasn’t the best time to try a new thing… especially when things are going so well and there’s just so much else going on…

So, where are we two weeks later? Well, I’m down about 9lbs. since joining I love it. I love just looking at portions and calories and having a nice big salad for lunch so that I can “indulge” on dinner… I know, I know. I’m not supposed to be saving all of my calories for dinner, but as long as I switch it up, it’s ok right? And as long as it’s working? I’ve been eating a homemade salad every day that I’m at work for lunch— I was using romaine because I like the crunch and the way it cuts up (dumb I know), but I recently switched back to Spinach- better flavor and better nutrients. My salads consist of some mix of: spinach, celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, mushrooms, leeks, scallions, pepper, etc. This week I bought a bag of radishes— I never used to be a big fan, but WOW, how much my opinion of them has changed! Phenomenal little buggers that pack a punch!

Anyway, we also found some ranch dressing made with yogurt that has about half the calories of regular ranch but tastes just as good…that combined with some low fat garlic croutons and I’m set for life. I love it. I never thought I’d look forward to my salad every day, but I do!

So this past week I stayed the same weight- didn’t gain any, didn’t lose any and I’ll take it.. .even though I was frustrated about it. I did splurge a lot over my birthday weekend- we went to an Italian Restaurant on Friday, then on Saturday we were at my parents for GINORMOUS burgers and roasted potatoes… and of course, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. ¬†Sunday we were on the road again after eating Easter Dinner and then snacking on I don’t even remember- probably Chicken Nuggets because we were too tired to cook. Anyway, despite splurging, I worked out a lot (at least I thought I did), but I guess not enough to balance out!

So, I’m back on it this week even though I have splurged a couple times. Despite the splurging, I got up to 3.1 miles on Sunday! We walk about 4 miles on Saturday too- so the weekend was balanced with decent mileage. I also walked about 2.5 miles on Monday while at work (took a break with a coworker to enjoy the weather) and then today, I ran about 2.5 and walked about 2.5… I forgot socks, so running was vicious.

I even signed up for a 5K on Sunday!!! I’m not going for any time, I just want to complete it and feel confident about running again- I’m definitely getting there, I just need to cross train and make sure that I’m not pushing it too far too fast.

Well, I will blog again soon but it’s 9:30 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet… more soon, I promise!

I really love glee. It is fantastic. In the most recent episode, they wrote two of their own songs for Regionals competition. One of the songs is called, “Loser Like Me.” It is awesome and a feel good type of “bring it, I can handle anything” song. Anyway, the title of this post is a line from that song (I know, grammar, ouuuucccchhhh).

Anyway, I got up this morning and went for a run! I took a dive about 7 minutes out, landed on the cement and rolling into the woodchips. Luckily, it was dark out so not that many people saw it happen. I got up, laughed at myself, turned up the music, and hustled off. I do this fairly frequently, believe it or not. So I got in about 1.5mile jog… everytime I go I realize how out of shape I am, my bmp is WAY too high and I feel WAY too uncomfortable, but I’ve been here before. I know if I keep pushing and slowly pushing further I’ll get better and better and eventually, 2 miles will feel like a short walk. I can’t wait for that feeling again!

I weighed myself this morning too, down two pounds from last week. I’m really happy about it, but I’m frustrated that it’s been about a month and I’ve lost only 5lbs. It used to come off so much faster. DIJFOSIDFJOISDFJOI. :0) I was able to make breakfast this morning and Andrew and I sat down for the second time this week (!) and ate before work. I have off tomorrow and then we’re going camping this weekend! It’s been so long, I’m so excited! Plus, it will be the first time for the pup to go camping, so we’ll see how he does. I’ll provide a full report on Sunday!

Last night, we made a Thai salad with peanut dressing that was adapted from a recipe from the Moosewood cookbook. It was fantastic and pretty easy to make. I’ll get to posting the recipe on my recipe blog soon. By the way, you can visit my recipe blog at: Maybe I’ll add it as one of my pages on this blog, so it’s easier to find. We had the salad along with some rotisserie chicken. Perfect meal. Before bed I threw together some pears, apples, kiwis, honeydew, and grapes so I could bring a green salad to work for people. I’m pretty sure no one ate any though- they’d much rather have green cookies or brownies or cake or something like that. Oh well, at least I tried!

Today is St. Patty’s day, but rather than go out and spend money and drink too much beer, we are going to make TACOS! Yayyyyy! Favorite day of the week! That’s all for now!

Well, I didn’t make it to the gym today. Blah. My alarm went off at 5:30AM, I felt like crap and I hit the snooze button over and over until 6:30. Funny thing is, I got up at 6:30. Not to go to the gym, just to get up. I took a shower, I got ready for work, I probably would have had time to make breakfast! Argh- I think I got up because I felt guilty about missing the gym. To make up for it, I took my running gear; pants, shirt, under armor, watch, heart rate monitor, new sneakers… the whole shabang to work with me. My thought? I can squeeze in a work out in the afternoon- I mean, I’m going to have to stay late anyway!

Here I sit 13.5 hours later, at my desk at home. Dinner is cooking, I left work at 7:15PM, I didn’t make it to the gym. My knees and ankles are sore, my brain is tired, and my throat is full of glass. I’m spent. I feel like I don’t have time for anything these days— and what’s worse, it’s already 8:45PM! By the time I eat dinner, it will be past my bedtime! I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch today. oh whoa is me! haha.

As a result of not going to the gym this morning, I have decided to give something up for Lent even though I don’t celebrate it.. sort of as punishment. Drum roll please…. I am giving up Chinese Food. That’s right, for 40 days I will refrain from ordering Chinese food. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do it, but I must. Something needs to change and I need to get my butt to the gym.

Dinner tonight- Burgers and roasted brussel sprouts. Delicious.

Gym: 1 Meghan: 0

Round II. ding ding ding

Well, after the last post, I made it through a week of healthy eating and I even made it to the gym a few times. I went early in the morning, I got in about an hour each time and then I even had time to shower, make breakfast, sit and eat it… and make it to work on time. I wish I could do that everyday. I mean, I can, I just need to stop making excuses for hitting the snooze button over and over. After a few days of healthy eating and working out, I lost two pounds, it felt great. Then, as usual, two steps forward, one step back. We went away for the weekend and I slowly lost it. We were at the beach with my family and we ate out twice and then Andrew and I actually cooked one meal which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t have gone back for seconds… and also had a piece of cheesecake. Oh well, not the end of the world, right? I did walk about two miles both mornings that we were there (Saturday and Sunday)… so not a complete loss.

I also, finally bought some new running shoes!!! I went to Pacers on Friday afternoon and talked with the woman there for about 30minutes. I explained the ankle surgery and stability issues, the cramping feeling I’ve been feeling lately in my shoes and my goals for the upcoming year and what not. She fitted me with all sorts of shoes- men’s, women’s, Mizunos, Brooks, Aisics, etc… and she watched my jog around the store so she could see how my gate. Turns out, I’ve been running in shoes that are a WHOLE SIZE SMALLER than I should be running in… I’m not sure if my feet have flattened out, the shoe styles have changed that much or my feet are growing larger by the second, but when I put on those size 11 (I know, HUGE, right?) women’s shoes, I felt like I was putting my feet in clouds. It was glorious. So, I walked out of the store about 30mins later with $105 less and 1 pair of awesome Brooks shoes more!

I started to think about the last few times that I’ve purchased new shoes and the wonderful feeling of “I can do anything in these shoes” that I get each and every time I lace up recently purchased shoes… in fact, I started to think of the miles and all of the activities those shoes would take part in, where they would travel to, which stores they would enter… and so, I started a blog all about the adventures of my shoes… seriously. I think it will be fun to track the life of my shoes! You can visit this blog at: I hope you enjoy my travels as much I as I do!

Now that we’ve covered that, here I sit, Monday evening… I have binged again and let myself down. I guess that’s why this blog is called the “trials and tribulations of eating and running”… it’s not easy, that’s for sure. I made my lunch for tomorrow and I am planning on waking up early to either 1) go to the gym or 2) go for a run outside. I’m actually supposed to take part in an 8K this weekend in DC for St. Patty’s Day, through one of my bestfriend’s bars (Fado for you DC-ers). They always have a team of people in this 8K and I’ve done it in years past— I’ll probably still do it this weekend… in a run-walk manner, but at least I’ll have done it, right? It’s a fun time to dress in all green and have a good time with great people.

Last bit of news: this is my final week in my current office. I like to say, “it’s my last week of protecting America’s drinking water.” haha- starting next Monday, I’ll be sitting back where I belong; the Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds!!! I’ll be working on 319 Grants and 604b Grants.. basically nonpoint source pollution. If you don’t know what this all means, look it up, it’s pretty interesting. I’m hoping I can work with my boss and get them to pay for a grad school class or two for me this year! I need to start studying for the GREs, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll get to a point where I just don’t have the base knowledge anymore.

Ok, that’s all for tonight, hopefully I’ll have some good news to post this week… involving me going to workout :0)