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So, on December 29, Andrew and I headed to the Dominican Republic for 10 days of pure awesomeness. One of my best friends was getting married. The trip was absolutely phenomenal and in fact, we created a separate blog for the trip! I need to finish that blog though, but unfortunately my phone is gone thus why I’m behind on those entries (I was hoping to blog as we¬†traveled). So now I have written blog entries which need to be digitzed. Hopefully soon! If you want to find me on facebook I posted a TON of pictures there- the beaches were awesome, the wedding extravagantly beautiful, and the whole trip just so much fun!! We spent 4 days with the wedding party and then headed out on our own for 6 days. We were to see most of the island which was really cool! I can’t wait to go back :0)

On the right you will see one of the highlights (for me) of the trip; rhinocerous iguanas!!! They were bigger than house cats. I’m not exaggerating at all! They were so big and they were abundant especially in one area of the country. We pulled into a parking lot with maybe 20-25 of these guys just hanging out! So cute!!!

Anyway, a Dominican trip later, here we are again trying to get back to eating healthy and exercising more! It’s good to be back and sad at the same time! Next stop, Andrew’s brother’s wedding in May!